Ready to Book: Fruehauf Step Frame Bathtub


  • Overall Length OL 11000
  • Overall Width OW 2500
  • Beam Centres BC 1180
  • Kingpin Position KP 830
  • Internal Width IW 2300
  • Axle Track AT 2040
  • 5th Wheel Height FH 1155
  • Internal Length IL 10700
  • Axle Centres 1&2 AC1 1310
  • Landing Gear Pos. LG 2400
  • Body Height Front BH1 2000
  • Axle Centres 2&3 AC2 1310
  • Wheelbase WB 7245
  • Body Height Rear BH2 2200 Lift Axle yes
  • Neck(Inc. Rubplate) ND 325
  • Rear Overhang RO 510
  • Cubic Capacity (Yrds) 67
  • Rear Deck HeightRD1330
  • Step HeightSH200
  • Kingpin 15000 kgs
  • Suspension 24000 kgs
  • Gross Trailer 37500
  • Fabricated "I" beam with 4 deep section box crossmembers at rear
  • 8mm upper coupler with bolt in 2" kingpin at 1M from body front.
  • 1180mm beam centres
Axles & Suspensions
  • SAF INTRADISC (430MM SK7) with 120mm offset wheels
  • Dump valve
  • Alcoa Durabrite 120mm offset aluminium wheels c/w 385/65R22.5 tyres
  • Aluminium mudwings integral with body
  • Dacromet coated wheel nuts
  • 2 line air brakes with "C" type couplings on front crossmember. Load sensed system.
  • Wabco EBS 2S2M brake system powered through the ISO 7638 and the 24N connectors
  • Roll Stability fitted (activated)
  • Spring brake chambers to axle manufacturers recommendations
  • No green brake system warning light
  • Aluminium air reservoirs.
  • 24V electrical system with 24S,  24N and ISO 7638 permanent connections
  • FASS1 trailer wiring system, rated IP68, with single rear junction box.
  • Rear lights mounted on mudguard brackets on std wheelbase
  • Full LED 756 rear lights withs side repeaters
  • 3 LED side markers per side plus "Finger"marker (bulb only) acting also as combined front & rear outline markers.
  • Plastic number plate holder
  • 2 speed legs with compensating feet, 24 tonne lift capacity, 50 tonnes static cap
  • Black plastic toolbox, offside behind suspension.650mm long x 500mm wide x 480mm deep
  • "U" shaped body with continuously welded ribs at 490mm nominal pitch
  • Front bulkhead and side walls 4mm. 305mm bottom radius extrusion 5mm.
  • 130mm x 90mm box section top rail
  • 6mm alloy floor front to rear
  • 8mm alloy floor rear 1660mm (approx)
  • 4mm tailgate
  • Double Kick off hinge
  • Tailgate locking bar with 5 tabs
  • No rungs across tail-gate
  • Clamps (one pair at side and one pair at bottom)
Body Variations
  • Rack and pinion operated hatch with aluminium cover. Grain sock included
  • No external steps at rear
  • Loose step-ladder and tail-gate prop for access into body
  • Shovel rack on front - near side
  • No internal steps at rear
  • Front access-combined ladder and walkway. Ladder on offside
  • Single doghouse mounted ram with 1" screw type male hydraulic coupling
  • Rubber Cover flap over top of ram housing


The MV Commercial Team
Chassis Information
Make: Fruehauf
Model: Step Frame Bathtub
Body type Trailers
Axle Config: 3 Axle Trailer
Registration: FRU001
Total height 3530mm
Total length 11000mm
Body Information
Body type Trailers
Body width 2500mm
Body length 11000mm
Body height 2200mm

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