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Tom Thrills with Trophy at Thruxton | MV Truck Racing

Tom and the team thrill at Thruxton with a spectacular third in the final race of the weekend!

8th July 2024
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Despite mixed weather and rain, enthusiastic crowds flocked to Thruxton Circuit for the Convoy on the Plain, eager for an exhilarating weekend of truck racing action. The event was marked by a significant incident involving former champion Stuart Oliver. While on a hot streak this year, Oliver's birthday weekend was marred by a crash during practice, resulting in precautionary hospital checks. Thankfully, Oliver suffered only cracked ribs and heavy bruising and was in good spirits upon his return to the track. Although he couldn't race, Oliver's presence in the commentary box provided invaluable insights and added a special touch to the media team's fantastic coverage.

Such incidents, including those of Yates last year and Tom a few years ago, underscore the inherent dangers of the sport. We extend our gratitude to the ground teams, medical personnel, and marshals for their exceptional efforts in ensuring everyone's safety.

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Now, onto the racing results!

Due to barrier repairs, qualification was cancelled, leading to the first race on Saturday being decided by championship order. This was disappointing for the Navistar team, confident of a strong qualification performance on the quick circuit.

In the first race, Ryan Smith continued his dominance, securing the top podium spot, a pattern he maintained across all five races. Power issues plagued the Navistar, causing Tom to slip two places to 7th, and eventually, truck problems forced the team to withdraw from the final Saturday race.

Sunday's races brought mixed fortunes. Starting second on the grid for the first race, Tom was pushed down to 8th after a 10-second penalty for a false start. However, the second race saw a remarkable turnaround as Tom climbed from 11th to finish 4th, just seconds behind number 14, John Bowler.

Tom in pole position at the ever popular truck walk at Thruxton.
The weekend's final race showcased intense competition. Tom secured pole position and, after 16 minutes of fierce battling, clinched his first trophy of the season with a hard-fought 3rd place. The long-standing rivalry with Michael Oliver added drama, while Ryan Smith continued to excel.

Next, we look forward to Convoy in the Park at Donington Park, the biggest event in the Convoy series. This race will feature several international drivers and UK drivers participating in the FIA. MV Commercial will also display our latest trucks, trailers, and vans in our exhibition area at the center of the ring. Join us for a cold drink, a bite to eat, and some one-on-one time with our account managers as we witness one of the year's most significant racing events!

8th July 2024
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