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Specialised Hot Box Trucks For Sale and Hire

Our range of tarmac or hot box trucks are ready to help you make road maintenance operations easier, quicker adndsafer. Our selection of hot box trucks, available for both hire and sale, feature a wide range of chassis and body combinations design to help you get the best solution to your hot tar truck needs. 

Our hotbox trucks offers a specialized solution for your road maintenance needs, featuring a diverse selection of marques built on top-notch chassis from leading manufacturers like Scania, DAF, Volvo, and MAN. Whether you're in the market to buy, rent-to-buy, or hire, we've got you covered with new and late registration vehicles available at highly competitive prices.

Our most popular Tar Box Trucks:

We supply hot box trucks with a range of chassis and body combinations, including: 

  • DAF LF 290 Econ Auger Hot boxes
  • MAN TGM 18.250 Econ Auger Tar Trucks
  • DAF LF 290 Marvtech Tipping and Auger Tarmac Trucks

Ideal for Councils and Highway Authorities

Our hotbox trucks are perfectly suited for councils and highway authorities, offering efficient and reliable solutions for road maintenance and repair tasks. With their advanced features and compliance with safety standards, these units provide the durability and performance needed to tackle demanding projects with ease.

Speak to our hire team today to find out more about the various council and highway authority frameworks we are on.

Customising Your Hotbox 

While each hotbox truck is built ready to work, there are options for additional customization such as painting, livery, FORS equipment, and tool boxes. Personalize your hotbox truck with a range of accessories including alloys, lighting, and camera systems to suit your specific needs. Our hotbox trucks are supplied compliant to FORS and Crossrail safety standards, ensuring peace of mind on the job.

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Reliable and ready for work, our hot box trucks for sale have a proven history in the highway maintenance and road repair industries.