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Box trucks available at MV Commercial
Box trucks available at MV Commercial
Box trucks available at MV Commercial

Palfinger Crane Mounted Lorries

Our fleet of ready to go fleet crane trucks often features a range of lorries mounted with Palfinger Cranes. One of the most popular crane suppliers in the UK, Palfinger Cranes is famous for being reliable and having a high level of cost efficiency.

MV Commercial fit a wide range of small, medium and heavy duty Palfinger cranes on an ongoing basis across a range of trucks. Follow the link for more information about our fitting of Palfinger Epsilon Cranes.

We help you make the most out of your crane mounted lorry with our mobile crane repair technicians and maintenance experts who work around the clock and across the country.

We supply and fit a range of cranes from leading crane manufacturers from across the UK and beyond through our fabrication and crane fitment centre. Our diverse range of lorry cranes on offer also includes Cormach, PM, Effer and Fassi Cranes, as well as several smaller crane manufacturers.

For more information about our range of cranes or to find out which one will best suit your needs contact us today and we will gladly chat to you about your lifting needs.

Our Palfinger Crane Trucks for Hire and Sale include a range of Palfinger Truck Mounted Cranes as well as Palfinger Epsilon Cranes for Grab Trucks. We fit a wide range of large cranes such as the PK62002, PK76002, and the PK88002, as well as several Palfinger Fly Jib Options. Our most popular small cranes include the PK32080, the PK42002 and the PK48002.

For our specialist trucks, such as brick grabs and tipper grabs, we fit a range of the Pk19.001 and the Palfinger Epsilon M105L and M125L cranes.

We have a wide range of Palfinger Crane trucks for Hire.

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