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MV Commercial Top Trucks for 2018

We take a look at some of our top trucks for 2018.

11th December 2018
Image for MV Commercial Top Trucks for 2018

We have two options for the brick grab, the 18 ton and the 26 ton. We have been working in consultation with the industry for a while now and have started full production of these vehicles beginning in the third quarter of 2018 and they have already become one of our most enquired about vehicle offerings. 

Available on either a MAN TGM 18.290 or MAN TGM 26.320 chassis with a HIAB 111 B-1 HiDuo or X-HiDuo 158 respectively. These units feature a 1200mm headboard, rear advert board as standard, reversing camera, and either a 5700mm or 7200mm long body.

View the MAN TGM 26.320 here and the MAN TGM 18.290 here. 

The Volumetric Mobile Concrete Mixer is another relatively new product to our range and it made a huge impact in 2018. 
Built on the Volvo FMX 460 chassis, these units featured the Reimer P95 Commander Mobile Mixer (Volumetric Mixer) bodies with a production rate up to 65 cubic yards (50 cubic meters) per hour. We will be keeping an eye on the upcoming legislation changes for 2019. 

View the Volumetric Mobile Concrete Mixer here

This year saw a continued increase in interest in our range of hookloaders. 2018 saw MV Commercial offering several chassis and gear combinations, including DAF CF 400, Volvo FMX420, and the Scania G410 chassis with Multilift or Hyva Titan gear. We also proud to add the DAF CF 450 and Scania P410 XT chassis to our build line up.

View our hookloaders here

Our recovery build division continues to grow from strength to strength as we increase the number of recovery units in build. We offer the tilt and slide, ULA and Twin Deck designs.

View our recovery units here.

One of the most exciting and most capable heavy crane units in our build line-up, our built ready to go Volvo FH 540 Artics with Cormach 95000 crane continues to be one of our most popular builds. The Cormach 75000 crane also continues to be highly popular and has a permanent place in our build line-up.

View the Volvo FH 540 with the Cormach 75000 here and the Volvo FH 540 with the Cormach 95000

Thanks to our unique subframe design that delivers some of the lightest builds on the market, 2018 saw an increase in demand for our Volvo FH cabin spec builds. While the most popular crane for these units has been our range of HIAB cranes, we are also seeing continued demand for all other cranes offered by MV Commercial, including Palfinger, PM and Cormach cranes.

View our Volvo FH 460 Cabin Spec with Palfinger PK62002 here

Our most popular non-crane 32t unit, the Volvo FMX 460 chassis and lightweight beavertail body design has been highly popular throughout 2018. Throughout the year we built both single and twin tail beavertails.

View the Volvo FMX 460 32t Beavertail here.

Our Volvo FH 460 cabin spec with front NATO legs has been one of the most exciting build in our line-up. The versatility and true 360° slew range of these units is sure to see even more demand for 2019. While we offer a range of crane options for these units, the HIAB 858 EP-6 is one of the most popular.

View the Volvo FH 460 32t Cabin Spec with HIAB 858 EP-6 here.

The DAF CF 460 continues to shine as one of our most popular plant build chassis for 2018. While we have seen increased interest in this unit fitted with all body types and crane units, the lightweight cheesewedge body and PM 23 SP crane combination is one of 2018’s most popular builds.

View the DAF CF 460 Cheesewedge with PM 235 crane here.


Our most popular rigid unit of the year is the Volvo FH 460 Cheesewedge unit. While this unit is available with a full range of cranes, including HIAB, PM, Palfinger and Cormach, the Palfinger PK 62002 EH High Performance crane is the most popular, closely followed by the HIAB 658 EP-6. This unit was not just sought after for the heavy crane range, we also fitted several smaller cranes such as the PM23 and PM38.5, and the HIAB 322 and HIAB 418. The combination of the high spec chassis, lightweight body and highly capable crane makes this one of the top units of the year and we expect its popularity to continue to grow for 2019.

View the Volvo FH 460 Cheesewedge with HIAB 658 EP6 here

Our most popular artic unit for 2018 was the Volvo FH 540 Tandem Drive - Rear Lift Double Drive Tag fitted with either the HIAB 658 or 858 EP-6 cranes. We built a range of demonstrator units throughout the year to allow customers to try the unit out. This created intense interest both out at leading companies throughout the UK and our shows. The efficient and high spec Globetrotter chassis continues to be highly sought after by both drivers and fleet owners, and we’ll be increasing our build of these units in 2019 to match demand.

View the Volvo FH 6x4 crane tractor unit here.

Our most popular product for 2018 was our range of tipper grabs available on DAF, Scania and Volvo chassis with Thompsons Loadmaster Steel bodies with Palfinger Epsilon M125L Crane and Kinshofer 500L Grabs. We have recently added the DAF CF 450 and Scania P410 XT chassis to our build line-up.  Our tipper grab units are always in build at MV Commercial to ensure a Ready to Go Fleet of tipper units.

View our Tipper Grabs here.

11th December 2018
Box trucks available at MV Commercial
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